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INFORMATION ...Robinsons Korean Karate Main school had to be closed. We hope in time we can reopen for class times, BUT!!! GOOD NEWS!! At this time we are open for private lessons. Contact Mr. Robinson in the contact info /Rates Link

The school was founded to promote and teach the Korean martial art of Taekwondo and Self Defense. Robinson's Korean Karate provides instruction to men, women and children. Robinson's Korean Karate is dedicated to high quality, safe and effective martial arts education. Located in Sparks Nv. Instruction is provided by experienced black belt instructors.

Instruction is tailored to the physical capabilities and training goals of the students. Learn a system that has stood the test of time- authentic karate,we can teach you what you need to know and how to make it work! Throws, kicks, hand strikes and restraints make your training well-rounded.

You will learn Self-control, Respect, Harmony, Peace, Fitness, Flexibility, Self-defense, Balance and Strength. Every class provides great exercises The way you stay active now will impact the quality of your later years. Exercise alone is not enough to control stress and find inner-calm.


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