Learning Opportunities
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Teen -Adult: These classes are divided by rank. (everyone begins as a white belt) so that you can progress at your own rate. These popular classes provide a full immersion into traditional karate training. 50 - 60 minutes.

Ages 7-12: Our youth classes are divided by rank so children advance at their own pace. 50 minutes Intro to karate.

Ages 5- 6 This class provides a structured environment where we work on self-control, coordination, fitness and balance. Students learn karate stances, blocks, hand strikes and kicks.

Weapons Class: 45 minutes weapons, while all of our karate students learn to use the 6' staff (bo) early in their training, We have beginner and advanced weapons classes.

Sparring: 30 minutes Sparring, Sparring class for those students who desire to gain more free-sparring experience. 55 minutes.