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Robinson's Korean Karate TKD practices the Tae Geuk forms. Here are the forms and their meaning.

Tae Guek - Il Jang (Keon)
Keon means the beginning of everything in the universe.

Tae Guek - Yi Jang (Tae)
Tae means that one feels strength on the inside and is gentle or soft on the outside.

Tae Guek - Sam Jang (Yi)
Yi means fire which is used by man, giving him the heat and passion.

Tae Guek - Sa Jang (Jin)
Jin means that one should remain calm and brave even when faced with danger.

Tae Guek - Oh Jang (Son)
Son means the wind, which is sometimes strong and forceful, but most of the time is calm gentle and good natured.

Tae Guek - Yook Jang (Gam)
Gam means water, which always flows onward, teaching one to always go forward even when faced with hardships.

Tae Guek - Chil Jang (Kan)
Kan means mountain. One should be strong and solid like a mountain. If one has a strong foundation, then they will not be easily swayed by others.

Tae Guek - Pal Jang (Gon)
Gon means earth. The earth embodies all things. Man depends on the earth to grow necessities from which we all survive

Learn how to execute forms by Master Gaines.